Restaurant Saga is till renovating. Please check back on a later date.

The Story of Saga

The name Saga represents both Singapore and Sweden. As a kid in warm and humid Singapore, it was once a past-time to pick saga seeds, bottle them and gift them to a loved one. These beautiful red seeds are also called 相思豆 (xiang si dou) in Chinese and it symbolizes love across several cultures. In the restaurant, you will find a bottle of saga seeds picked by my late grandmother that I have brought with me from Singapore. In Sweden, Saga is a name and can mean a story or a tale, with its etymology stemming from Sága, the Norse goddess of history.

Every dish I make here tells a story. It is pieced together by different facets of memories of food I have eaten, flavours I remember and fragrances that linger in my mind. After working in various dining establishments, from brunch restaurants to Michelin kitchens, the food I always gravitate back to are the flavours that I grew up with and this is what I want to cook for you at Saga. 


–  Bringing the flavours of Singapore and South East Asia to Sweden, with a focus on seasonality and local produce.


Saga will open in the spring of 2023. Please follow us on our Instagram for updates, or sign up to be on our mailing list. We look forward to welcoming you!


Aschebergsgatan 26
41133 Göteborg